New York 




Charlie's Story




100 Days 100 Posters

Inspired by Vasjen Katro's "Baugasm-One poster every day for 365" on I am currently working on this 100 days 100 posters. I planned to create a poster inspiration everyday based on using adobe photoshop, illustrator and Cinema4D.

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Infographic Design

New York Gentrification 

New York City has experienced many occurrences of gentrification. I would like to use this interactive data visualization to visualize the gentrification in New York through housing data. This project design based on my own style guide in below. 

Processing Project

Faces in Times

What is traditional art? What is the standard of “traditional”? When people mention traditional, they usually think about paintings, especially oil paintings, sculptures, and so on. Is there a stereotype of art or even traditional art? In oil paintings, what is traditional? Is “realism” traditional? For example, Klimt’s artworks. He used different textures and styles to explain art and the content he wants to show in that “traditional” times. Is Klimt’s style traditional? After learning and contacting with the artworks, I started to realize everything can be traditional and art. So I decided to use simple line, black and white, to create this special project “Faces in Times”. This project was finished in Times Square, by using one-line sketch to draw each stranger’s face.

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Unity Project

The Room

The concept is to create a dynamic, time-saving and cost-efficient user testing approach. In addition, this approach will emphasize user privacy. It will also create a whole new experience for user testers to engage in user testing instead of a plain website survey platform or an expensive organization which does user testing in real life. User testers include designers and audience who is interested in design. Designers can get inspiration through playing a different role in different testing project virtual environment. The audience who is interested in design will have the opportunity to engage in some fresh design project. Design is mostly design by a designer, but my concept aims to let the audience have the opportunity to design with designers. 

Board copy111.png

Industrial Design


The pillow that help release back pain which is inspired by lots of ergonomics products and technology. The shape follows the principles of ergonomics. With features which can help relieve back pain when sleeping.


Industrial Design


The chair is what we use every day. lots of people have cervical spondylosis in nowadays. I decided a new chair for specific sitting posture.

Oil Painting

The Fantasy travel with the cats

As a cat lover, I always imagine I am traveling with cats. This oil painting is devoted to them in another world who are enjoying their splendid travel. And i am with them in that ideal world. 

"The Fantasy travel with the cats" has been sold at HONG KONG “ONE FOUNDATION” charity auction. 

Price realized: 50000 HKD 

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Oil Painting

Going to the bathroom is a very personal thing. Sometimes we will read books, newspaper,  playing phone, or even empty your mind when you are staying in the bathroom. The Iceberg is showing the person's legs are numbness on the toilet. The surroundings are showing the individual imaginary space with lots of fragments of things and times. They have the connection between each other. This work is want to face to the most private things directly and find the real interaction.

Glaciated Thoughts

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Using silkscreen printmaking to talk about the story when i lived in Chicago. Bring back the old times.


Oil Painting


WuZhen is one of the most beautiful historic scenic town in China. This is an oil painting which is talking about summer time in WuZhen.